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this weather is wet, cold & miserable

Good morning,

Here’s a great question What do you do with all this Halloween candy? It’s insane. I don’t even know where to put it anymore. What do you guys do? Police station? Firehouse station? Thoughts???

Today is a big day here. We have the appraisal, the termite inspection, and the electrician coming to fix some of the odds and ends found on the inspection report. Grand central station today!!! I know our house will appraise well and I know we don’t have termites so that’s another plus. The electrician is definitely a character, and he will get it all knocked out today if the rain holds out, and if he shows up lol.  Lots of the fixes are exterior.

Grocery store shopping just got easier, especially those with kids. Did you know the Lake Zurich Mariano’s now offers curb pick up? You make your order online and pay $4.95 for them to shop and pack it up. They have a tracker on their phone so they know when you’re getting close. You pull up and they are waiting for you. Genius esp. when you have kids and its crappy weather or they are asleep passed out in the car. I’m totally taking advantage of this.

Mom’s out there……Do you feel there’s always back up and you sometimes can’t catch up?  Back up meaning…behind in the laundry, no food, house is a mess. I swear I just did all of this. UGH……

Hope everyone has a good morning, and we will talk soon.


Here is my son’s favorite drink I make for him every morning. He’s totally obsessed. It’s pretty cute he asks me to make it for him and he brings his Starbucks travel cup on the bus with his hot chocolate. You have to try it. It’s from Heinen’s in town. Let me know what you think if you try it. Pretty tasty too if you add some whip cream to the top!!!!!


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  1. Back up! Yes, I completely agree! I don’t have a full house like you but even with just the two of us I will vacumme and grocery shop and before I know it, we are out of milk and I see dust bunnies! I guess that’s just what comes with owning a house and eating at home daily! Also, the hot choclate looks yummy!

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