My favorite things

The weather outside is frightful but the wine is so delightful……

I was shopping at Jewel yesterday afternoon and went to grab a bottle or two of my weekly wine choices and saw that if you buy 6 bottles you not only save 10% its 20% off 6 bottles. That took all of 2 seconds to start wondering if I should load up….As I’m a total wino for many reasons, I started to fill up my 6-pack.

Reason 1- They say one glass of red wine is like an hour at the gym. I don’t have time for the gym so might as well kill 2 birds with one stone on this one.

Reason 2- I’m a mom of 4, and have a husband whose Italian…….., and a crazy but lovable golden retriever Rookie! Do I explain more?

Reason 3- It’s good for my heart. Read the medical journals. I know they say that somewhere.

Reason 4- A good excuse to get silly with my girlfriends and talk about anything and everything-unwind together. There are a ton more but we will move on……

So now I’m going to share with you my top favorite mid-week wine choices of Cabernet, my first go to choice in red wine.

Hope you enjoy and if you like red wine like me, try out some of these brands and see what you think.

Red Diamond- $7.99

Carnivor- $10.99

Josh- $13.74

Bonterra- $11.99

Newman’s Own- $9.99

Louis M. Martini- $14.99

prices reflected before discount and at my local Jewel

It’s 5 o’clock somewhere! CHEERS!!!!! You deserve it and are worth it!!!

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