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Ricotta-filled meatballs with red sauce & bucatini


our go to wine for the week. Under $12 and it’s good.

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1/2 pound each of beef, veal and pork

1 shallot

3 garlic cloves minced

3 slices of bread, torn into small pieces

1 cup milk

1 egg

zest of a lemon (I did a bunch of grating over the meatball mixture)

1 tsp. red pepper flakes

1/2 c. romano, parmesan, asiago grated cheese

salt and pepper

1-2 jars. One jar was fine for us but if you like it extra saucy open the 2nd one.

Our go to cheat sauce. It’s so delicious. Tastes just like homemade. Super smooth and great for kids as it has no chunks as mine call them lol.


Ricotta cheese. I bought fresh at the deli. Instead of draining it over night, I just took a paper towel and got most of the water out of it that way. dab at the ricotta and your paper towel will become moist. I did this with 3 1/2 sheets and it did the trick. Sprinkle with a good amount of salt.

Preheat a large skillet and drizzle with EVOO. Add the onion and garlic and let cook for about 10 minutes.

Add bread to a bowl shredded into small pieces. Add the milk and let it sit for 10 minutes. After that time, drain the milk out.

Mix all the meats together and sprinkle salt and pepper. you can be generous with the salt a bit.

Add the onion mixture to the meat, the bread, lemon zest, red pepper, parsley and cheeses.

I used my pampered chef scooper to scoop out even amounts of meatball. Scoop out a meatball and make it round. I set it down on the table and then I took took my finger and made an indent. I grabbed a ball of ricotta cheese and put it in the middle of the meatball. I then covered the ricotta with the meatball and made a ball out of them. I got 27 of them.

Cook them in a large skillet, turning them carefully but often. Brown all sides.

I then took a pan and added a little sauce and then added my browned meatballs. Cover dish. I heated the oven to 350 and had them cook thru while I made the pasta and warmed the sauce.

After pasta is cooked add to sauce and keep warm on stove.

Remove meatballs from stove.

I added pasta to the plate and then scooped out a meatball or 3 to each plate. I added Caesar salad, and some rustic farmhouse bread.

YUM! enjoy.

Let us know how your entree turned out. Ours was delicious! Good luck and please comment with questions, feedback or anything!


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