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Our Coffee & Hot Chocolate “GO TO” this Holiday Season


Good morning. This is late I know lol.

I decided last night to grab some new magazines that came in the mail and look through all the fun Christmas stuff and take a night off of a long blog post. I love love getting Holiday mags in the mail. Christmas time is my favorite time of the year.  I also picked up this Better Homes and Garden’s special on Christmas ideas. I suggest picking it up at the stands if you like  Vintage Christmas decor.  We are listening to Christmas music as I write this on Pandora, Mariah Carey Christmas of course. I will tell you about our favorite family hot chocolate finds & my go to coffee & drink in these cold early mornings.

I love a latte from my Breville Espresso Maker. I’m really happy with the machine and its performance. You can grab one at one of my favorite stores William Sonoma, or even Bed Bath & Beyond.  It makes a delicious drink and once you get a little Barista in you, you will become a pro in no time at making these drinks. I even have mastered making a design at the top with the frothed milk. The artist in me. I use Illy Espresso. I order it right online from William Sonoma and it comes right to my door. I usually wait till they have a sale and free shipping. I use fat-free or 2% Oberweis milk. I also add in a little scoop of raw sugar. For my coffee I’m a Dunkin Donuts girl, and love making it in the good old coffee pot.  I add a little flavored pumpkin creamer for the fall and peppermint mocha for the Christmas season.

My kids are obsessed with Silly Cow Farms Hot Chocolate. It’s a chocolate with peppermint flavor. Add some Oberweis milk and some whipped cream on top. They also love the William Sonoma Hot Chocolate Peppermint as well. Both are delicious options with marshmallows added of course or  whipped cream. (The William Sonoma marshmallows are to die for….)

My baby is playing fireside with whats left of her toys that haven’t been packed. I came upon a Santa and a tree while packing and decided to plug them in one last time here. Today is 13 days till moving day. I’m excited but it’s also bittersweet as it’s getting scarce around here, with little left on the walls or rooms.  Mac is in love with Santa. It’s so so cute. She’s just the sweetest little baby girl. So innocent.

It’s a magical time of the year!!!

“Yes Mackenzie, there is a Santa!”

Hope you have a wonderful morning, and you try some of our favorite hot drinks.

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