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Welcome to Rusted Hydrangea. Our very first post!

Well here I am….. Finally!!!!! I could scream that I didn’t do this years ago. Scream!!!! I made a page on Facebook about 2 years ago called distressed junction & co. and its done pretty well. I will keep that Facebook page up but will no longer post in there. This is the new place to be. But…. I will say I should have listened to some of my very smart techy super savvy friends and just BLOGGED!! (you know who you are…) So many neat ways I’m exploring and learning already. This is so me, and I feel so far behind. I can’t wait to build this blog and entertain my followers/family & friends with great design ideas and other thoughts and just show them what I love to do & my style. One of my biggest regrets is not taking enough pics. Recently I staged my house for selling purposes. I mean lets be honest my house on a daily basis was pretty tidy and perfectly just put together after everything was done and complete. So what do I decide to do? Start a blog. That was AFTER I started tearing my house apart and packing. OMG…..what was I thinking?? So..I panicked and started searching for pictures I had taken after all the demolition and remodels of this house. I have some but I would have loved to have taken some more detailed ones in some spaces. Oh well. Get over it right. Ok I’m over it. Im going to start by posting our 3Rd home before pics and the after pics. This is really my passion & I hope you will see it in my design and ideas. Wrapping it up… it’s getting late. So after this house is picture perfect ready we had our 4th baby. The little princess completed our family of 7, one being a fur baby, and now we must move on. Yes like really move…..on. Out of space. Husband, wife, one son & 3 girls (no need to say anymore about space with girls) & a golden retriever. We are moving come November. I seriously can’t wait to start new projects but at the same time I’m kinda exhausted and feel its a bit bittersweet leaving and overwhelming with what I’m wanting to do in the new place.  I put so much sweat and thought and some tears, ok I’m not going to lie, lots of tears  into this house to get it just right. This new house which will be home4 for us is it!!! I can’t imagine listing, negotiating, showings, waiting and waiting, and packing again. No way. That is all cray. This new house, not a home yet until I’m done with it…I think will really be perfect for our growing family. Im going to take my time and think out every room and not rush to get it all done this time. I will have patience with myself on this project and enjoy the ride instead of being in a race to get to the finish. I will post the pictures of the before and afters of HOME3 tomorrow morning for you all to see. Hope you enjoyed my first entry and can’t wait to hear from you all. Sleep tight if you’re reading this tonight and good morning if you’re reading this in the am. You can peak at whats to come. Night!!!!

22 thoughts on “Welcome to Rusted Hydrangea. Our very first post!

  1. Congratulations on your new endeavor and following your passion to do what you do so well! Very excited for you and so looking forward to your postings! ❤️❤️❤️

  2. Getting up in the wee hours has its advantages,,,getting a first look at your new endeavor. Blessings and best wishes, on an already entertaining, intriguing, busy, and full life. xoxo

  3. So happy for you Ali. You are a special young woman with enormous amount of talent. Can’t wait to see what you have created. Love you, Pam

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