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Mrs. Tory Orlando

The RH interview.


1. Your full name. Do you have a nickname you go by? Catherine Victoria Orlando – I go by Tory!

Founder & owner of Jaunt Chicago. Located in Arlington Heights IL. You have to check this place out. It’s unique and has something for everyone. Travel out to them and shop till you drop. I’m obsessing over that Emerald green sofa. It’s amazing!!!! It is one of the hotest color trends this year in 2019.



2. What town do you live in? What town did you grow up in? Arlington Heights — also grew up here (same house — weird)

3. How many kids do you have? Names and ages? Did/Do you want more? Four children – Violet: 7, Lincoln: 6, Alex: 5, Brooks: 3 — I would LOVE six, but we’re totally donezo. Stick a fork in it! :p


4. What will we find in your bathroom? Name 3 of your favorite products? Probably clothing that the kids dumped onto the floor at bathtime that I still need to throw into the hamper. In terms of products…..anything by Jan Marini, and Peter Thomas Roth — skincare mainly! Also a ton of organic coconut oil.

5. Are you a religious flosser? Be honest!!!! At least a few times a week!

6. What is your go-to lipstick or gloss? Brand and color. Please share!!! MAC — Creme Cup lipstick and Nymphette Lip Glass.


7. Do you have a regimen? What is it? I’m a huge skincare freak — so my night time regimen involves a lot of that….In the morning, if I can actually blow dry my hair and not stick on a baseball cap and jeans, I call that success.

8. What can’t you live without?
My family — then after that it would prob be my baseball cap, leggings, mascara, sunscreen, and lipgloss. Is that shallow? That sounds shallow. I also desperately need coffee in my life. I drink way too much.

9. SUV or Minivan driver? Type? Jeep Grand Cherokee and Honda Odyssey –yuupp both.

10. What’s one thing you do every day?
Tell my kiddos that I love them and I’m proud of them — and probably work. And drink tons more coffee.

11. Morning coffee or tea? How do you take it? Too much coffee – just creamer, but I cannot seem to shake the really junky sugary kind. It’s totally my weakness.

12. What do you love about your hometown? I love that the people are well educated, but they are Midwestern-style nice, and so there still remains a sort-of small-town attitude / demeanor. Good midwestern blood.

13. Are you involved in any group or help with community services, schools, church etc.? I volunteer in my kiddos’ classrooms. I’m part of the Chamber of Commerce with Action Heights — and we do a lot of local donations to support schools around Chicagoland.

14. What’s your favorite charity? Ronald McDonald House and St. Jude’s

15. What is one interesting thing about you? I went to school to be the weather girl. I literally always thought I would be on TV giving you the daily forecast.

16. What ’s your best characteristic
Prob my sense of humor? I try not to take things too seriously.


17. What is your biggest pet peeve? When people mess up beds and pillows on couches and don’t fluff them / straighten them back out!

18. Best advice? TRY your hardest to stay in the present. And if you’re a woman, stop saying you’re sorry constantly. You probably do it way too much and don’t even realize it.

19. Perfect dinner? Include the dessert. Filet mignon with a ton of mushrooms and probably filet mignon or nachos for dessert.

20. What’s your favorite mommy drink? Totally lame — but iced coffee.


21. What ’s your favorite restaurant?
Lost Dog Cafe in Alexandria, VA / Evening Star (also VA)

22. What store would we most likely find you at? Target, Whole Foods….Michaels’

23. Do you have a hobby? I love all things home improvement, and I also love nature…so something either outdoors or making a muck of a space indoors!

24. What is the most fulfilling thing about being a mom?
Knowing that you created every last nook and cranny of them, and that they need you. It’s a powerful feeling to know that no one can replace MOM.

25. What is the hardest thing about being a mom? Balance.

26. What is your biggest fear? Dying after a child. Or just dying when my kids are young.

27. What ’s the perfect date ?
Steak and lobster and a walk by some body of water. I don’t care where.

28. If you could change one thing about yourself what would it be? Smaller forehead! I have always had to have bangs, and I literally despise it.

29. You get a free all paid vacation anywhere? Where to? This likely changes constantly….right now prob Bali or the Azores.

30. What is a secret trick you can share that any mama could benefit from? Turn the heel of the bread inside out when you cut it — your kiddos won’t know the difference.

31. What ’s 6 items we would find in your purse?
Lipstick, under-eye concealer, mascara, lipstick, lipstick, lol, tape measure, phone

32. Best present and worst gift you have ever received? Best present === moments. any moment. Worst gift — I got a leopard bra from VS from my grandpa once.

33. Target or Walmart girl? Target

34. What does your house look like? Style? Cape Cod Revival

35. Who is your celebrity crush? Chris Pratt

36. You won 1,000 dollars and have to spend it in the next 2 hours. What are you going to buy? Probably skin care and jeans.

37. You’re a new addition to the crayon box. What color are you and why? A totally rad shade of blue…b/c it’s the best.

38. What’s your favorite movie? Top Gun

39. Favorite singer/band Changes all the stinking time. Right now probably CHVRCHES and The Head and the Heart. U2 40. Last person you saw in concert?

41. What are you known for? Probably being really really weird with zero filter.

42. How would you rate your memory? Amazing on some things and horrible on others. Like vivid memories of a child losing their first tooth but NO memory of them losing the second.

43. Who do you admire? My mother, my father, my grandfather, my children, my husband, and a whole slew of friends.


44. What is really hard for you to do? Saying no to people, or to disappoint them.

45. What are you amazing at? Making terrible jokes at inopportune times.

46. What is one tradition you want to keep in your home with your children? Eating dinner together and reading at night.

47. What is the number one thing that drives you crazy about your kids lol? Everything! lol — whining…..and complaining about screen time.

48. What is one thing your husband would say you do better? Putting other people first.

49. What is one thing you would say your hubby does better than you? (if your divorced skip these) Staying calm when the kids are annoying.

50. Are you organized or maybe even OCD? Totally OCD.

51. What do you typically do when the kids go to bed? Clean and work 🙁

52. What is your worst/dislike to do in the house? Cannot stand folding laundry. Taking out garbage stinks too.

53. Beach or Pool girl? Beach



54. Last book you read? The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe

55. Cabin or tent? Cabin

56. Midnight snack? Maple almond butter

57. Best gift you gave your kids that even you got excited about? Bikes! No screen time!

58. Last nice thing you did for your love? Told him I’m sorry —

59. Are you sappy and romantic or skip it? TOTAL sap.


60. Silver or Gold? What are you into this 2018? Gold and brass!

61. What magazine do you subscribe to? None.

62. What are your favorite parts of the year? Holidays? Spring, fall, and Christmas.

63. Do you have pets? Jingle (cat) and Skiball (hamster)


64. What are 2 things on your bucket list? Travel the globe. Like, literally. Every country.

65. What takes over your closet? Black or white items? Hmmmmmmm, toss-up. White!

66. What’s your favorite thing about a man? Oozing mystery


67. What is your favorite junk food? Anything salty. Olives and nachos

68. What is a bad habit you would like to drop? Probably the coffee — too much!

69. One last thing you could tell us about yourself that would leave us surprised? Half the time I have no idea what I’m doing, and I learn on the fly!

70. One more thing you want to say or tell us about YOU, anything? I will talk to you about the weather all damn day lol.


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