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moving and unpacking & why not a little Christmas decorating while I’m at it!

my new countdown calendar I got. It’s huge!!! Such a vintage flair. I’m loving it.


our “welcome home” left from the previous owners.


Well I’m back from that long break of not blogging so often.  So sorry I took such a long time to get back. It’s been crazy with the moving and unpacking. Heck it has been a crazy busy 2 years. To sum it all up 2 years ago we moved into Beachview and gutted it from top to bottom. After the complete remodel and living without a functional kitchen for 5 months, I got pregnant with our fourth. Just when things slowed down and were getting quiet. (ha I’m laughing right now). We had our baby and some months went by and my husband and I decided to go on a vacation all alone which was long overdue. While we were away in Playa Del Carmen we found our perfect home for our family online on relator.com. I blame Mexico lol. We basically landed in Chicago and 2 hours later went for a showing. Well here we are now trying to get settled in our 4th home and LAST lol. Unless (I joke), we hit the mega…then we are out of this state somewhere warm on the water.

So moving day was long. The estimated time they quoted us was about 6 hours to load up. They came at 9 and we finished loading at 7:30 p.m. We had a 67′ semi to fill. It was about 7ish and the guy in charge was like “Ummmm I don’t know if everything is going to fit??” I was like are you kidding me? What does that mean then? The buyers had a final walk-thru the next morning at 8:30 a.m. I thought to myself is this seriously a joke? It for sure wasn’t. They weren’t able to fit it all in so we had to run up to Home Depot and hopefully rent a truck to get the rest of the overflow packed up.

I called Home Depot and told them we were on our way and needed to rent a truck. The guy said they didn’t have anything available and everything was rented out except for one truck that was a long distance/one way Penske truck that he wasn’t able to rent out. I begged him to rent it to us and basically told him we were desperate. I promised to have it back that night no later than 11 p.m. so they could use it the next day as they needed it.

Coincidently the lady we bought the house for contacted me earlier that day and asked me if I wanted some things she was possibly going to leave behind. She was super nice and we texted and talked back and forth.

Perfect I had her number now because little did I know I was going to have this truck full of overflow that we needed to put somewhere. We needed the truck back by 11pm. We didn’t close on our house till the next day. What are we going to do? I texted her and told her what was going on and her and her husband said no problem just come to the house and load it all on the inside of the garage. How lucky and how perfect. Before our final walk through we met the homeowners and unloaded all our stuff right before, ran the truck back to Home Depot and ran back to the walk through at exactly 8:59 p.m.

That is record timing if you think about it. We probably left Home Depot with the truck  a little before 8. We went back to our old house and loaded up the rest of our stuff, ran to new house and unloaded it all and ran truck back. We grabbed my husband’s car at the old house and met our realtor at the new house.

What an exhausting day. After all that I went back to the other house and cleaned up and made sure we didn’t leave anything behind. We were all good.

We had the closing the next day. It went smooth and well. We went to Coopers Hawk and had a glass of wine to toast to.

I then met my parents back at the new house. They watched the littles. (Stella and Mac for us and kept them overnight.) We were welcomed with roses, champagne for us and the kids, and a treat basket, cookies and a card from the previous owners. We then had a fun first night and ordered pizza and slept on the floor in sleeping bags.

The next day all of our furniture was delivered. They got here at 9 and finished right before 5. Long long days. I was so happy all that was over. I now had to focus on unpacking. Thank God for all my amazing friends who helped me through many boxes the next day. They do work for free if you feed them wine.

So today is exactly 2 weeks from when we moved. I’m happy to say I pretty much have every box unpacked and we are all organized except for the garage. I even have Christmas Decor up. Now it’s not like most years where I totally go crazy and decorate, but I’m thinking it’s pretty darn good considering. The Christmas stuff isn’t placed perfectly because I was shuffling through boxes I had just freshly opened. But it’s up and looks passable. Some of my friends and family joke and ask if I’m part vampire and if I ever sleep. I chuckle and think it may be possible. I think I could possibly be a little OCD and just need to get it all done to let my brain rest a little bit before it gets thinking on projects and paint colors.

The furniture believe it or not for the most part fit pretty darn good. There are some pieces that I’m still figuring out where to put, but the big pieces are in place for the most part. I will need some other pieces so stay tuned. I did order kitchen chairs that I just got word are in. I needed something easy to wipe down with the kids. They have completely trashed my dining chairs that we were temporarily using in the kitchen. Flax linen does not work well with kids lol. I will recover them. They are on my project list.

Ah, and my Christmas trees look like troll trees in this house. I will use the main one as an accent tree next year and get a fuller/taller tree for the next year for in the family room . I added a tree in our kitchen this year because everyone needs a tree in their kitchen right? Ha, no because it looked too tiny in my living room where it was in the old house.

I’ll leave you with a couple of pics of Christmas decor and some sneak peaks of the house.

I love this sign. It’s cute & fun. Gives good vibes as the guests come in.

Simple decorating outside. Hung double wreaths on the windows by adding some red ribbon. Hung garland around the doorway with ornaments and lights. Added lighted up Christmas trees to the pots of each side of the door with the vintage grey and white stripped bow. You can find these Christmas trees for the outdoors and the matching wreaths on one of my other blogs. Simple yet elegant decorating.







OUTSIDE FRONT- I hung wreaths on all the windows. There’s another set of double windows

on the other side of home and I also hung them on the garage double windows as well as it’s facing the front.




My parents this year gave the kids this wooden advent countdown to Christmas calendar. Every day there is a bible verse in the little doors that open. There is also a treat for all the kids that day. If it doesn’t fit in the box it’s wrapped under the tree for them with the numbers of the days on them so they know which ones to grab. So fun and what a great memory they will have as a kid. They all look forward to it everyday.

Our Elf Christy. She sure makes a mess. At least it’s not chocolate all over her face today!

 Thanks for checking in and hope you enjoyed this blog 🙂

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