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McDonald’s copycat Egg Sandwich homestyle our way!

Simple & easy breakfast food to make ahead of time. This can be put as  individual servings and stored in the freezer at an easy convenience to grab, heat & go.

My high-schooler is always in a rush in the morning no matter what time he wakes up it seems. He likes to grab something and run with it. I came up with this idea to make many of these simple and easy sandwiches which I then freeze.  He can grab, heat & go when we would like one. They have pre-made ones you can buy already at the store, but I like to make a healthier version using organic eggs, and fresh cheese from the deli. That means way less sodium & less preservatives.

Shopping List:

Cage Free Eggs

Krakus polish Ham

Medium Cheddar

Bays English Muffins

Salt & Pepper

Toast the English Muffins till lightly toasted.

Set toasted English Muffins aside-inside part up.

Next, take out the ham & cheese. Slice the ham right down the middle and cut the cheese in 1/4’s.

Lay your ham on one side of the English Muffin. Put an entire slice on the one side. (cut in 1/2).

Place your cheese on the other side. With it in 1/4’s place them around the English Muffin.

Now its time to cook the eggs. Pre-heat your non-stick pan. Whisk one egg at a time in a small mixing bowl. Add a tad of water and whisk in. Add the egg mixture to the omelette pan and fold in thirds. Set each egg portion on the ham side of the sandwich. Repeat this step until you use all 10 eggs for the sandwiches.


Stack the cheese portion of the sandwich on top of the ham & egg one and make a sandwich. Next get out your ziploc bags & individually store them in each of the bags.

You can now store them in the freezer & heat, grab & go as you wish.

Warm breakfasts are better for you, so this is a great escape from your oatmeal in the morning for a change of pace.

I hope you enjoy these are much as we do 🙂

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