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listing.selling & moving

Good morning beauties. Do you have some coffee in hand? I love my coffee in the a.m. I’m a Dunkin donut girl with pumpkin almond creamer this fine morning. Lets talk about stress??!!! Moving is for the loonies! I mean let’s be honest…. I’m excited to move and have a fun new place of projects, but to get from A to B (start to finish) just sucks. Having 4 kids on a regular day and what needs to get done is enough. Throwing this in the mix makes me wonder if they make enough wine to go around. Guess that’s what you get when you and your husband finally get away by yourself after 15 years and can actually talk uninterrupted. You get to make decisions just like that. I blame Mexico, lol. We were sitting in bed at our resort and surfing the web one morning before we hit the pool. This home came up on a “new listing”. We had been looking casually for a while but nothing swept our fancy. We both kinda got all anxious when we saw this. After having our 4th baby life changed in our current house. The kids have a lot of crap. I mean 3 girls, and not to mention their grandma worked for American girl for 12 years. I don’t even need to explain. I shouldn’t say crap. I mean on the DL I find myself changing outfits and not having any problem when they ask me to do one of their 13 dolls hair. Reliving my childhood. And barbies are kinda fun too. dollhouse, kitchen. Lets have a playdate. So much fun to be had. My son doesn’t really play with toys much but he needs his own space too to hang out with his friends. I always like it when they are here and know this is a cool house to hang, rather than him being somewhere else and I have no clue what they are doing. Very important I would say. So anyway my point being we need more space. Normal people buy a house 2 years ago and totally gut the kitchen to the studs and do all other major work to it and then sell it 2 years later. We are not normal. Ha is anyone? NO! So as cray as we are we landed on a Monday I believe at 3ish and went to go see the house around 5. Nothing like getting back in the swing of things. Vaca left behind. We LOVED it. I mean I will love it when I’m done with it. It has great bones, and lots of potential. For most people it would be move in ready. When it comes to design, if you know me I’m not most people. It’s a little too traditional for my taste but I can for sure work with it. Nice open floor plan, spacious for our tribe of 7 (don’t forget Rookie too), yard, full basement, great garage spaces, high ceilings, culda-sac and yard. Everyone should be happy!!! At least that’s my hopes. The weather is getting chilly and I seriously hope the snow can hold out. That would really stink if it snowed when we moved. Yuck! Not to mention I’m the coldest living human. Anyway I’m so relieved the showings are over. Keeping the house cleaned in tip-top perfect shape is not fun. I’m glad those days are over. It’s partially my fault because I’m so anal about everything being perfectly put together. I think its in my genes tho. Then after the showings waiting and waiting for the feedback. the worst!!! Some came in fast and others made you wait and wait. Then waiting for another showing blah blah and the cycle continued. Oh then the fun part (sarcastic), negotiating. Pull my hair out!!! The inspection and the figuring out what needs to be fixed and if they will fix it or if we will. All the tests. Radon, well&septic. I’m exhausted just thinking about this haha. Packing! That’s a fun one!! Packing a house full of 6 people and all their stuff. I guess superwoman packs everyone’s crap or at least is thought to by others. By superwoman I mean I’m super at taking care of everybody and all their stuff for them. Kinda my fault I guess, but its all I know since I’ve done it for so long. Oh well at least I know it will get done right the first time, right?? Well after an exhausting 2 months all that is done and behind. We are under contract. God is good!!! Theres still the damn packing. I’ve been packing a bunch here and there. I feel pretty good about what I’ve done. Still so much tho to pack. The worst I feel is the garage. Tons of crap that you have no idea where to start or box. Basement is complete. House looks upside down and a mess and boxes everywhere. I decided since it was my daughters first birthday this past week she needed a party. Lets invite 50 some people in the middle of getting ready to move. I don’t really care to be honest. We should have the last hoopla here and close the books. The house won’t look as pretty as it usually does and a total hot mess but I know people know me and how I would have had it and wont care. They will understand. I do plan to have unpacking parties for my lovely amazing friends serving wine all night unlimited. Calling all my fine friends and female family units……..On another note Halloween is today and I can’t wait to dress the littles up in their cute costumes. The rest of the week is slammed with lots of to do’s.  Lots and lots going on. Anyone else overbooked like this? Crazy is kinda fun but I’m ready to get settled in and moved at least, and then I think the crazy can turn into fun and I can start to enjoy this new canvas of a house. Cant wait to take you through the very beginning with me, and show you my work and before and afters.

Please leave some comments below and keep the conversations going. I want this to be a fun place for you to be and for us all to have fun and get to know one another.

xoxo till next time……

I love this photo. Don’t you want to come and lay or sit by this fire? In our LR. I took this late summer. We did shiplap above mantel and framed it out. I painted the brick a soft grey.

round mirror is from PB- Pottery Barn

 screen is from-Plow and Hearth

rug- Crate&Barrel

stools- local vintage/furniture store

candles are in a metal feed holder-flea market

battery candles Costco/ on a timer and go on at night.

 Mercury vases -HomeGoods

pink peonies flowers- Walmart.

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    1. Thanks Katie. Fireplace turned out really nice with the added detail of the panelling above mantel and adding that frame around it. The mirror we found really paired nicely with the fireplace screen.

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