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It’s 5 o’clock somewhere…..


She is just “pure scrumptiousness” ugh how I just love her!!!! Guess 5 o’clock for her was too early this morning. Cat nap by the fire.

Good morning. When I say 5 o’clock somewhere I’m not referring to p.m., it’s 5am in the morning. Usually when it’s about 5 p.m. I start to get excited because that means I can legally open up a bottle of wine mid-week, (haha). Anyway, my little sweet pea Miss Mackenzie has a new wake up time. I’m not sure what happened but its 5 a.m. I think since we graduated from a Gerber baby girl to a Oberweis lil princess it may not be holding her over as much as she’s used to. She will figure out that she needs to eat more table food to fill up and not rely on her bottle for a quick fix anymore. She’s so stinking cute that when I go in to get her I don’t mind. I’m not a morning person either so she must be pretty cute or princess worthy. I drink my coffee and she drinks her bottle and we hang till the other little humans get up listening to Christmas music streaming on Pandora. It’s so dark out it’s like they are zombies when they come down looking half asleep as if they are sleep walking lol. I hate that they have to get up so early with this new school time change. We are getting used to it though and it’s really not that bad.

photo’s by Sylver Studio-my talented friend Sylver. She’s the best!!!

More packing today. It really sneaks up on you. I thought I was ahead and then I went into the bathrooms and started on more of the kitchen. It’s like it doesn’t end. We are 11 days out. With the weekend coming up and the fact that the kids last day till Thanksgiving break is Tuesday, it’s going to fly by. I just have to be packing 24/7 at this point and come up to breathe for 5 seconds and then back to work Mac and I go. My thought was to start Miss Mia the first week in December at her new school so she can get acclimated with her new teacher and class before winter break. She is in the same school district so that makes me feel better about the switch as it’s the same curriculum. They thought that this was the best time to switch her. Zach and Stella will remain at their same school which is good. Mia is super excited to go to her new school although she will very much miss her besties over at her current school, and they will miss her. Good thing is we are right down the street from them and she can play and visit anytime she wants. The principal actually called me and said he just loved Mia so much and she’s just so encouraging and super sweet to the kids. Just all around a great example. He asked me if I would consider keeping her there for the year and then switching her next year. He was so sad for her to leave. What a great compliment and a great phone call to get. I would love to do that but with Stella’s preschool drop off in the morning and then having to pick her up, it wouldn’t work with Mac’s nap schedule. That would mean I would have to wake princess Mackenzie up everyday. I hate waking a sleeping baby. I’m happy to report though that the rumor is this: the bus pulls up to our new house in the cul-de-sac. That is amazing. Mia’s bus stop right now is a nature walk and then some.

Need to start making school lunches, unload the dishwasher and fold some laundry. Then pack pack pack!!

Have a great morning and day. It’s almost Friday!!!

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