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Great Christmas find

Our adorable Christmas light up trees & wreaths are back

So last year I came across these adorable trees that light up for my outdoor pots to put out on the front porch. It came with this adorable grey & white stripped bow, along with real pinecones , red glittery berries and dusted with some sparkled snow. I have gotten so many compliments on them and many of my friends have tried to run and grab them at the store for themselves. Many of them traveling miles away to get their matching pair.  They are very well made and look like they must have cost a fortune. You might even have to do a second glance if they are real and wonder if the landscaper/gardener came and put them together. They are so reasonably priced and that’s the best part. You can get these luxe looking trees for a great deal. The trees are $59.98 each and they are made by-Home Accents holiday. The wreaths are $34.98 each. Shocking you can find them at your local Home Depot Store. I’m happy to report they are back in stock this year and they have way more in the stores then the previous year for all of us to enjoy. Below are the details for you. Hope you enjoyed this great find. Let us know if you go and grab some and what you ended up getting.


4′ Pre-Lit Aspen Snowy Pine Tree


Bonus: These matching wreaths are now offered in the stores as well. I had also bought one online last year to match and now they are in the stores. I will say I even grabbed another one this year as well because they are that adorable.

30″ Snowy Pine Artificial Wreath with pinecones & berries.

$34.98 each

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  1. I LOVE my trees and wreath! I did travel 20 miles to get my second tree only to find the employee didn’t hold mine and it was sold. The manager sent the employee to a store in Chicago to pick one up for me! They look super cute and are great quality. Thanks for sharing with me last year 🙂

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