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Front door & First Impressions

Good morning. Hope everyone slept well last night and I assume everyone is getting ready to either host Thanksgiving or go somewhere surrounded by family & friends. I always look forward to this meal and being with my family. I love going around the table and hearing what everyone is thankful for. It’s a tradition we do every year. There is so much to be Thankful for!!!

I’m actually taking my kids into town today to this new place called “Gnarly Knots”. It’s a gourmet pretzel shop. We are then headed to the local boutique called “Heads Up”. My son saw a Vineyard Vines Christmas shirt that some guy was wearing at school. I guess there’s one with the whale wearing a Santa hat. He thought it was pretty cool. A lot of the times I brush his wants off or say no but I surprised him and said ok let’s go and then added in the pretzel stop. He was so excited and can’t wait. Gotta love that. I also learned there’s a new cool “in” brand now too. It’s called “Johnnie-O”. Guess we gotta check it out. East coast to West coast cool I guess. I’ll let you know how we make out and post a pic of this fabulous shirt he had to have if they have it.


Heads Up boutique Downtown Barrington

Moving on….

So my thoughts about front doors. I think a front door is like your face. It’s the very first thing people see. It tells a lot to someone from the very beginning. I think the front door really gives you a good indication of what you can expect to feel even before you enter the home.

There is so much detail into a front door if you really think about it. You have the shape of the door, and the size. Do you want a single door? Single with side lites? A Double? Standard height? A higher height? A transom above the door? Do you want that standard vertical classic rectangle shape or an arched door? Then there’s the hardware and the materials around the door and the surroundings of the area. All of these are really important and can either make the grand entrance AMAZING or just “blah”. The door I think gives a good indication of what’s behind it and a feel of who the homeowner is and maybe a clue to their personality.

Now that I have you thinking…what are your thoughts about your front door? Do you love it or hate it? What are your wishes and wants.  Maybe all you need is just a simple fix of some fresh paint, change of color or a fresh coat of stain. Maybe your door has been around for a while and its time to replace it. “Out with the old and in with the new”.  You could even just need a new door accessory. Maybe a wreath or something else that’s fun to hang up on it. Whatever it is I challenge you to do something fun or make a change. Submit your before and after pics to this challenge. Let us know what you did different and why we inspired you to spruce up your entrance.

Front door colors and their meanings.

Red- A red door means “Welcome”

Orange- Tells your friends and family you like to entertain.

Yellow- Tells people you’re creative

Green- Suggests that traditional values lay within.

Turquoise – You have big hopes and dreams.

Blue- You enjoy peace and value truth.

Purple- You’re a free spirit and like taking risks. Not a very common color.

Pink- You’re cheery, happy and a romantic.

Brown- Signals those within are warm, reliable and trustworthy.

Black- Order and control. Traditional with elegance. There is style within and everything is in place.

Grey- They say if you paint your door grey you are indecisive. Can’t decide between black or white.

White- You have a well-kept, simple, and organized home.

Glass- You’re outgoing, friendly and open-minded.

Wood stain You’re generous and down to earth. Everyone who enters feels welcome and at home.

Picking a door can also add value to your home. Not only adding curb appeal but also becoming more energy efficient. You can save as much as 10% on energy bills. That would be great wouldn’t it?

You also have to choose the material. Wood, fiberglass, steel, solid or glass……

I really like the wood doors. They are more upkeep but they just look so nice and paint and stain so beautifully. I personally think the extra care is worth it to get the look.

The color of your door should also tie in with what you have going on in the interior. You don’t want a turquoise exterior door and on the inside you have red, yellows, and navy’s as colors . It all has to make sense, and flow. Also speaking if you were going to stain your door. You don’t want a dark espresso door for the exterior and then have honey stained floors on the inside. I think you get what I’m saying. Sometimes you may want something different and you might like and want something else, but try to pick something that looks great with what you have to work with. What you pick out might be beautiful, but if it the wrong style or color for your home it wont matter. It will lose its potential if it’s not in the right place.

Our new home currently has a single door with side 2 side lites. One on each side of the door. It also currently has a transom above the door as well.  It’s a medium to dark stained wood with stained glass. The stained glass has lovely gold caming. (sarcastic)

Caming- The metal banding that joins panels of glass together in a unique design. The lead in the leaded glass.

See you learned something today 🙂 A new vocabulary word.

So I’ve taken some local pictures of doors around the neighborhood and town. One of these doors is going to be my new door. You will just have to wait and see which one it is. You can definitely take some guesses. The one we have now is nice. There’s nothing wrong with it but it’s for sure not my style and definitely gives off the wrong vibe of my taste and whats behind the door. Way to 90’s. So I’m changing it out as soon as spring hits. It’s ordered it and it’s actually getting painted or stained (stay tuned), next week and then it will wait till Spring to make its grand entrance. The installer said its going to be way to cold to install and then there’s a chance for it to expand or shrink and get all messed up. So I will just have to be patient. LOL me patient. Anyone who knows me knows that is not an easy thing for me when I want something done or have an idea in my head. I’m the worst. I will wait and listen because that would be a costly and silly mistake on my part if it warped in any way.

So like I said a front door is important and it will be the first major thing I do come spring.

I also like to make sure my front door is not standing alone. I love pairing it with 2 urns. I change out whats inside them according to the season. Picking a a nice set of them is pretty easy to find. Home Depot, Menards, Walmart are all good places to start. You can also catalog order them at Grandin Road, Frontgate or Ballard Designs. My old ones were from RH and are metal. You have to be careful with metals though because over time they can leave rust marks with the rain and snowy weather. I sprayed mine with rustoleum spray to give them a fresh coat of black and seal the bottom from the rust it was starting to produce. You can visit your local garden center or boutique but you will definitely pay more for them. Scout out your surroundings first close to home and then go online next if you can’t find anything you love.

Front Mats- Also important to have a nice front mat if you put one out. Make sure you replace it when it starts to look old and worn. Sometimes I often see this being overlooked. People do notice these as well, and it makes a nice impression along with the door and the surroundings.  I just threw my old one out. It looked really worn with some weather changes and it was pretty done. I will find a new one to put out at the new house. I do really love the monogramed ones you can get or just the ones with black writing. I tend to stay away from colored ones unless its holiday worthy.

No worries on waiting to see about this door we picked and seeing the after results. There are plenty of other fun things we will have brewing up inside the home to take you through this winter. I’m excited, and hope you are too!!!

Please don’t forget to submit your before and after pics and I’ll update our site and feature you and your door in them. Good luck and have fun with this.





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