DIY shiplap. Making a back entrance coat & backpack hanging area for the kids with some farmhouse style.

Shiplap. Adding farmhouse flair with a diy.

Ok so today I actually used a nail gun for the first time. To be honest I was a little intimidated but the feeling went away after the first couple shots.

My dad happened to call me when I was at Home Depot last night with my sister getting the supplies we needed. We thought to ourselves we first-

1. Don’t want to bug dad to help

2. We don’t need a nail gun, we can just manually nail in all the nails for this project.

Dad asked me “What are you getting there?” I explained to him what I was doing and he immediately said “Al omg can’t you just wait?”

Anyone knowing me knows the answer to that question. Even my dad knew he was just asking for fun.

To make a long story short, I put back the finish nails, and dad asked what time he should be there with the compressor and the nail gun to show me how its done. He said you can not use a nail gun for this project. I guess he was right, lol.

Dad gave me a tutorial on how to hang shiplap. This wall was so user easy. It was all the same size all the way through the project. There were no outlets or special cuts that had to be made. It was very “first time” perfect for sure.

Everything went really well as expected. Dad even left 1/2 way through the project and I finished myself with no problem.

Tomorrow I need to paint this shiplap and then next week head over to Hobby Lobby and grab my hooks. My luck they are not on 1/2 off this week, so I’m going to wait till next week.

I’m going to leave you with a list of supplies needed for this project.


shiplap- plywood cut into 6″ wide strips

liquid nails

caulk gun


nail gun




laser level


Have all your wood cut into correct length in width and height for fast and easier install.

You want to use your level and make sure your wall is level from the bottom of the base. If it is then you can start with the first piece of shiplap.

Make 2 lines of liquid nails with the caulk gun on the back of the shiplap. This will ensure it will adhere to the wall and make the wood stay snug on.  With this particular space I had to make the lines on the wall and then slide the pieces through the casing. If there are no obstacles of getting the piece on the wall directly then you are able to apply the glue to the back.

Make sure it’s even on the wall and drive in the first nail in the middle. If you located a stud then hit that up fist. Continue to the left side and then all the way to the right. Make sure you use a slight angle so that the nail sets in .

Add a shim on the left side of the shiplap and the right side, and place another piece of wood on top of the spacer.

Continue on until you have finished the entire wall.

You can feel and go back and add more nails if needed. Make sure each piece is snug onto the wall.

Your next step is painting. Tomorrow we will be paining so stay tuned on that.

We are just getting started. The fun stuff is about to happen. Paint, accessories & hooks.

To be continued…………..

So here is the final back entrance wall. All the kids have their own letter so it should be very easy to know where to put their things. I loved this sign I picked up at Hobby Lobby and thought it was just perfect for this space. Hope you love and enjoy & get some good ideas from this post.



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