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Coming soon… exciting


I’m so very excited to share with you all about my new segment on my blog coming soon.

I had the pleasure of interviewing some pretty amazing local moms. I’m still in the process……They are all down to earth and have stories to tell. Some I know well and others I’m learning just like you will about them.

They are talented, beautiful, awesome moms and some are so funny I can’t even stand it. You will love them all. They are so very similar but yet totally different in many ways.

I was overwhelmed in a good way of the inquires that came in for interviews. I might have to have a part 2 of this. I think it will be so fun to learn about these ladies together. Even if you do know these girls, you will still learn so much after you read about them all. Some of the questions I asked are pretty funny along with some that might have you tear up after reading the response.

You will get some good ideas, learn some tips, maybe add a new Facebook friend,  and probably relate to many of them as well.

I hope you take the time to read about all 7 of them, and give them back some positive feedback. As woman I think it’s so important to build each other up. It’s a tough world out there. Being a wife, and a mom is not always easy and can be wearing some days, as well as rewarding on others. We usually come last and put everyone else first. That’s why I thought it would be great to feature some moms and make them feel special and in the spotlight for a “moment”.

I love taking the time to “recognize” or make sure woman, especially moms feel special. I think we forget  how important we are, and what we have to offer.

I find myself lately if I’m at a store complimenting a mama if I think she looks good, or just coming up with something to make her feel great. Maybe her shirt it cute, or her hair is amazing, or her kid is cute. (just some examples).

There was a lady at Hobby Lobby with 2 little ones and she was testing her patience as one was trying to climb out of the cart and the other one was touching all the candy at the check out and asking for every single piece they had to offer. The little one must have asked 12x. (Bring on memories of any shopping experiences you have had???)

The mom kept saying to the older one,

“No put it back!”

Her little one meanwhile sitting in the cart was trying to climb out again as she waited to check out.

The older one was like,

“mom, mom, mom, mom, mom…” (ugh….)

I said to her,

“You have the most amazing hair.”

She was totally not expecting that at all.

She smiled and said,

“Really? Thanks so much, I really didn’t do anything as I ran out with these kids in a rush, but thank you!”

I could totally see an attitude change. She was more calm and I know she felt a burst of good energy run through her body. She checked out and smiled and told me to have a good day as she basically skipped out of there with her head up high.

I LOVE THAT!! She feels good & I feel great that I made a difference in a woman who probably could have used a compliment that day!

You should try it. It’s instant gratitude, and the cycle just continues.

xoxo Ali

Have a great morning! You are beautiful!!!






-Audrey Hepburn

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